Kirill Yurovskiy: Architecture of frame houses

A frame house is a great solution if you need a country house and you do not want to spend a lot of time on construction. In addition, the cost of construction and finishing materials will be relatively low compared to stone houses.

Such housing is suitable for any region, as it is not afraid of strong frosts or summer heat. Architectural styles of frame houses can be very different. You can see for yourself by examining the catalog of projects on the website of the construction company Kirill Yurovskiy.

Advantages of frame technology

Some people mistakenly believe that a house built with frame technology will have a specific appearance. In fact, the architectural appearance can be absolutely any and this is one of the main advantages of this technology.

On the one hand, it is a wooden house, with all its advantages, but on the other hand, it can be indistinguishable from a brick building. The basis is a wooden structure, while external and internal finishing can be made without any restrictions.

Exterior finish

If you like the look of wood, the fa├žade can be finished with battens. If you are attracted to the look of brick houses, you can finish the walls with panels imitating facing brick or natural flowerstips stone.

Interior trim

Finishing inside the house can also be anything, depending on the interior design you require. Ceilings and walls can do plasterboard. They need to be putty, and then you can use paint, wallpaper or decorative plaster. In this case, the interior decoration will not differ from the classic brick or block house.

Or you can finish the rooms with a material that imitates a log. In other words, a frame house is suitable for all types of finishing. Your designer will be able to create any interior project, taking into account your wishes.

Variety of layouts combined with reasonable prices

The frame technology allows you to translate into reality a variety of architectural ideas in low-rise construction. The layout of the house can be anything. It does not require an expensive foundation, since the weight of the wooden house is much lower than that of a structure made of blocks or bricks.

Even if you go to build a frame house with bay windows and complex geometry of the roof, its cost will be low compared to a stone house. Maintenance will also not be expensive. Due to the excellent thermal insulation qualities you can save on heating.

Architectural styles

Frame construction is unique in that it is possible to implement both simple and very complex ideas. Therefore, in cottage communities you can often find frame houses built in the style of classicism, cubist architecture, ranch, bungalow, modern, baroque or chalet.

The list of architectural styles that can be practiced in frame construction is quite large. Consider some of ailovemusic them.

Classic style

Frame houses in this architectural style look good outside the city limits. Their main feature is considered to be the correct geometric shapes. Windows are arranged according to the classical rules of symmetry. This also applies to the roof.

The facade of a frame house built in the classic style can be finished with decorative plaster. A flexible tile can be used as a roof covering.


Bungalow style homes are great for a comfortable stay. They are not stuffy in the summer. The roof can be finished with any material. The distinction of a frame house in this architectural style is the presence of a spacious terrace without glazing.


Chalet style frame houses can have excellent panoramic glazing. Large terraces or verandas are also considered distinctive features. In this house you can comfortably live all year round, enjoying all the benefits of country life.

Scandinavian style

The northern countries of Europe are characterized by a cold climate. Therefore, when speaking of houses in this style, such qualities as frost resistance, durability and reliability are implied.

For frame houses in the Scandinavian style the classic wooden cladding of the facade is more appropriate. Given that in Russia the climate is no less harsh than in the northern European countries, such houses are in high demand.

The architectural features include the absence of balconies and terraces, as well as a simple interior. Despite the great emphasis on modesty, houses with architecture in the Scandinavian style are very attractive.

How to choose the right architectural style of a frame house

It is important to focus not only on your taste preferences, but also on the features of the natural landscape. In some cases, you can easily choose a style that blends in with the environment. In other cases, however, you will need a complete change in the landscape with the help of specialists.

We recommend to study the existing projects of frame houses on our site, choose the variant you like and contact our specialists. They will ask you some questions and on the basis of the received answers will prompt, how the chosen project meets your requirements.