Is Casino Really a Casino?

A casino is a casino, but is a casino really a casino? If you’re looking for a place to play bingo, you have a few options on your hands. The gambling industry is a diverse bunch, but a few stalwarts have stood the test of time. Among them are Las Vegas and Atlantic City. As for state specific gaming venues, Nevada and Delaware stand out. The former is the most well known, with the latter being the more understated. While Nevada and Delaware have casinos and slots, respectively, they aren’t exactly hopping around. For the best gaming options, it’s usually a short drive to the Atlantic City area or just a ferry ride away. Of course, if you’re looking for a high limit, you’re likely to have to book it on your own dime. Fortunately, the state also boasts an abundance of hotels and restaurants for those looking for a bit of post-gaming R&R.